Monday, July 18, 2011

Color Club Too Violet

 Dear Glitter Nail Polish,
I am so sorry I've been neglecting you. It isn't that I don't love you or don't want you around, I just find you really difficult to get rid of once you're here. I value my cuticles way too much to wear you regularly. You are beautiful, but a bit too harsh. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings.


Would Y'all stop looking at me like I'm crazy?

While it's true I prefer the low-maintenance wear of shimmers, jellies, and cremes, glitters have always been irresistible to me. I knew Too Violet and I would get along famously if we were ever acquainted. The only drawback? It is made by Color Club, making it difficult impossible to find East of Montreal. Fortunately I was able to purchase if from ebay, and I have loved it ever since.

Too Violet is a red-violet jelly with thousands of iridescent holographic glitter flecks. I wish I had proper sun to show you just how sparkly this is. It's gorgeous! It's surprisingly opaque and the jelly finish displays the glitter perfectly. I heart it.

Brand:Color Club
Collection:Japanese Glitters
Status:Limited Edition

3 coats, outdoors, low sun

In other news, I'm trying to come up with a good idea for a follower appreciation giveaway. I think I'm going to keep the rules simple because the last giveaway I hosted was a little too complicated. I will keep you posted :)

Happy Monday!

Ginger-who is debating whether or not to shell out more cash for the latest ChG collection. If I don't buy it it'll be the first one since Rodeo Diva that I don't own in full : /


  1. I LOVE Color Club glitters, they're so smooth! Very surprising for me. This one is a beauty.
    I'm debating if I need the whole ChG Metro collection. There are a few "staple" colors in the collection that I feel like I need, but I can pass on the red.

  2. this glitter is really gorgeous, lovely summery colour :)

    shel xx

  3. Poor glitters. I love them but then I have nubbins. I went crazy and bought all that collection of a million glitters. Looks gorgeous.


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