Monday, July 11, 2011

Black With Envy

I am crazy about nail polish. I have been since I was 6 years old. In spite of this, there are some things I absolutely will not do to support my addiction. One of them is spending more than $20 before taxes for nail polish. I'll admit I have done it in the past, (to buy VHTFs on ebay) but I draw the line at department store purchases.

And that is why I will never again buy any nail polish made by Chanel.
I have no problems with the brand. I like their make up and I actually think Karl Lagerfeld is amazing-as was the founder of the company, Coco Chanel.  I just have a weird hang-up about spending that much for one bottle of nail polish.

So I am ridiculously glad Revlon keeps releasing near-dupes of popular Chanel colours.

Black With Envy is Revlon's version of Black Pearl. Vampy Varnish did a lovely comparison and I found that I actually liked Revlon's version better because it wasn't as frosty. Bonus :)

3 coats,indirect sunlight
indoors with flash
open shade and blurry (but I'm posting it anyway :P)

Seeing as how I always wear dark colours in the summer, the Davy's gray ( or grey in Canadian :P) shimmer of Black With Envy is awesome.

I purchased this colour for $5.99 at the drugstore with nary a snooty salesperson in sight XD

Have a Happy Monday!

Ginger-who is looking forward to her vacation in August. I need a break!


  1. I looked at Kelly's comparison and I agree with you, I like the Revlon much better. I really hope we get Revlon dupes for Peridot and Graphite! :)
    PS: I love the shape of your nails. :)

  2. @Michelle-Thank you! <3 I'm pretty sure they're already planning a dupe for Graphite (yay!) but I'm crossing my fingers for Peridot-it's beautiful. Have a great day :)

  3. No snooty people is RIGHT! :)

    I need to find my bottle of this and use it. :/

    The look on you makes me envious: it's lovely on you.

  4. I am totally with you - I really liked this one better than the Chanel when I saw her photos. This looks great on you! I really do want them to do a Graphite dupe, I think I actually like that more than Peridot (*gasp*).

  5. Ahh, brand hype!! I don't like spending more than 20 bucks for nail polish either.

  6. Love this post! I actually never understood the Black Pearl hype since it really did look frosty to me...


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