Monday, July 25, 2011

Big Honkin' Haul Post

Hello All!

These pictures are crappy and off-centre but I'm showing them to you anyway.

So there.

L to R:
Klean Color Midnight Seduction, Holo Bluebell, Holo Teal, Holo Purple, Holo Fuchsia, Holo Scarlet, Golden Nightmare, and Holo Black

From miscellaneous etailers: OPI Stranger Tides, Sparrow Me The Drama, and Wing It!

From Picture Polish: # 505 (Eclipse), Elytra #530, # 516 (Jive)

L to R: #518 (Flame), #621, Elytra # 528, #504 (Twilight), #524 (Chocolate)

And leave it to me to jump on a trend just as everyone else is sick of it:

OPI Blue and Turquoise Shatter, China Glaze Crackle in Fault Line, Broken Hearted, Crushed Candy and Cracked Concrete

I also purchased OPI Rally Pretty Pink, and the entire BB Couture Wild West Collection...but I'm too lazy to pull those out to photograph.

I'm posting these because I said I would, but to be honest, I don't really know how I feel about haul posts. On one hand I really like to see what everyone's buying,which colours they choose and the brands they prefer, but sometimes haul posts can read a little "show-offy" (self included).

For the time being, I'll keep posting them. I know a lot of you like them for the same reasons I do...but if you don't I'm sure there are a lot of other blogs that meet your specific needs.

Happy Monday!

Ginger-who is a little sad that I won't have any nail polish in my mail box any more. I'm sure I'll have enough bills to make up for it : /


  1. Woooooo, you've been busy..LOL! Great choices! :)

  2. I like haul posts. I don't see any feeling of showing off. More like 'show and tell.' ;)

    Those Kleancolors....OMG....I need them too.

    Wait...everyone's over the crackles? *always the last to know*


  3. Nice haulage. :D

    I enjoy seeing haul posts but I also feel a little weird about making haul posts. I do it, now and then but I don't want them to come off as "Look what I got!" *sigh* I guess it is in how it is worded? Your haul post certainly doesn't feel like bragging, more like sharing. :)

  4. Oh, I understand what you're saying but I want you to know, I LOVE your haul posts. You always pick out fantastic stuff! :)

  5. I love seeing haul posts, its how i make up my wishlist lol!

    shel xx

  6. Haul posts are great. Gives me ideas that are bad on my wallet!


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