Friday, June 10, 2011

This Mani Is Wicked Sweet

I'm so modest :P

I'm a little late to the crackle/shatter trend because I was on a self-imposed nail polish-buying hiatus when they were released. I  impulsively purchased China Glaze Heart Breaker last week and I am in love!

First of all, it's pink. I love pink. Second, it's a crackle. Since I'm too lazy to do nail art, this is definitely the next best thing. I love how crackle looks!

I wore this mani for 3 days. I haven't done that since I got my hands on Fuggen Ugly by ManGlaze. The base colour is Wicked Sweet by Color Club (It smells yummy!)

pardon the tipwear, I took this photo on day three :)

Soo...haven't done this in a while. (awkward...) I don't really have anything else to say about this mani so I'll just babble about random things to fill space.

1. I know it's a slow news week, but this whole WeinerGate issue has taken up enough airtime. Don't get me wrong, I think the whole thing is hilarious, (who doesn't know the difference between a regular tweet and a DM? and what's more, who tweets photos of his junk to young single women? Idiot.)
I still make jokes, (he really does have an unfortunate name) but it's ridiculous for respected news agents to spend such a great amount of time on an obvious case of flagrant dumbassery.

2.Please don't use hash-tags on facebook. It's pointless. Like a 3 dollar bill.

3. I am ready for summer. I know all of you who are suffering through the heat want to choke me right now, but where I live it has rained for nearly two months straight! I keep asking God if I should just buy some lumber and build an ark already. Clearly, the big guy is not impressed with my neck of the woods.

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful day. I hope to have some more posts scheduled, but I'm lazy about writing so I can't guarantee this will happen.

Ciao for now,

Ginger-who really wants to do a giveaway, but is terrified of being busted by Canada Post and given a ridiculously high fine. I love you all, but not $800 love.

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