Friday, June 24, 2011

A New Favourite and More Kvetching

Hello wonderful ladies!
Today, I bring you one of my new favourites, and more kvetching (my eternal gratitude to Lambchop for giving me a new word, another reason why I love her so <3)

I didn't buy William Tell it on OPI when the Swiss collection was released last fall, (click here to see the swatches of the ones I did get) but it was always on my "get" list. My love for darks has been well-documented on this blog, and this guy is no exception. I looooove it! It's not unique, but it's wonderful and timeless.

Like many of the OPI shades I own, WTioO covers nicely in two coats. The formula is fabulous and it dries quickly, which is good, because nine times out of ten I'm painting my nails on the way to work (not while driving of course) and a speedy dry time is my best friend.

indoors no flash

indoors with flash

In other news, the postal strike/lockout is close to being resolved.Unfortunately, the resolution is more than a little under-handed. I was talking to someone inside the issue today, and all of the reasons the workers are protesting are legitimate ones. Rather than walking off the job en-masse, the postal workers decided to do a series of rolling walk-outs in different cities so service wouldn't be interrupted.

A week after the rolling walk outs began, they were locked out by the government. A week later, the Canadian Parliament tabled back-to-work legislation, calling for the workers to return to work ASAP. As I'm writing this, Parliament is still discussing this issue--and have been for nearly 48 hours. As much as I'd love to have my mail delivery--and all the fun stuff I ordered--back, there's something patently wrong with the way this issue was resolved.

The government locked the workers out. Prior to this mail was still being delivered--albeit with delays--because of the strike. When the workers were locked out, NO mail was being delivered, and now the workers are being ordered back to work because of a government resolution that, according to them, "acts in the best interests of all Canadians".

Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining.

Collective bargaining keeps workplace regulations fair and protects the interests of employees. What kind of precedent is being set when the government can just step in and order everyone back to work, giving them even less than they were offered by their employer?

This is what happens when governments own businesses.

I know this kind of chat doesn't *technically* belong on a nail blog, but it annoys the crap out of me.
I'll be better tomorrow.

Hugs and Kisses

Ginger-Don't worry, I made myself feel better by eating BBQ chicken and drinking Arbor Mist with my bestie. Good times.

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