Thursday, June 30, 2011

List Of The Week: Movie Soundtrack Songs

A few songs from movies I love =)

1.If I... -Kansas Cali (Crash) This movie made me ugly-cry. A few of my friends thought this movie was too "racially-charged". Well, Duh! of course it is. An there's nothing wrong with that. Crash boasted a talented all-star cast and a stellar soundtrack. I love this song by the Stereophonics, but I thought I'd show some love to the lesser-known artist.

2.What Part Of Forever-Cee-Lo Green (Eclipse:the Twilight Saga) When I think of Twilight I think of angsty, forlorn music about lost love and finding yourself. That's what makes Cee Lo's inclusion on the Eclipse soundtrack all the more surprising. I love the song and  had to buy the entire soundtrack just so I could keep hearing it.

3.Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood-Santa Esmerelda (Kill Bill Vol:1)  This song will forever remind me of The Bride's epic (and bloody) showdown with O-Ren Ishii at the House Of Blue Leaves. Quentin Tarantino knows how to pick his music.

4.Kissing You-Des'Ree (Romeo and Juliet)  Aaagh. A most depressing play that everyone other than me thinks is romantic. Personally I like the Zeffirelli version best, but Baz Luhrmann's is fabulous and it has Leo as the lead. Great song.

5.Dance Magic Dance-David Bowie (Jim Henson's Labyrinth) I love this movie. Love love love love. The end.

6.Pinball Wizard-The Who (Tommy) I have vague memories of watching this as a kid. (That was almost 25 years ago-yikes!) I liked it at the time, and I like it now.

7.White Men Can't Jump-Riff (White Men Can't Jump) I've watched this movie so many times it's ridiculous (I'm huge fan of Woody Harrelson). I haven't found a DVD version yet, but when I do, it's mine. Oh yeah, the song was good too... in a "tongue-in-cheek-90s-R&B" kind of way. I love it.

8.I Turn To You (Hex Hector Remix) Melanie C (Bend it Like Beckham) One of my favourite movies. I bought the soundtrack in spite of the fact that I don't speak Punjabi and can't understand a majority of the lyrics. Still, great soundtrack. This was one of many good songs that was played in the movie wasn't on the CD version.

9.I Have Seen It All-Bjork and Thom Yorke (Dancer In The Dark) I've only seen one other Lars Von Trier movie ( he wrote The Idiots) and what can I say? The man is different. He did have the good sense to cast Bjork in a musical, and that is worthy of respect. (Even if I do think he is crazypants mcgee)

10. Playground Love-Air (The Virgin Suicides) Based on the novel by Jeffrey Eugenides and directed by Sophia Coppola. I love this song--and the soundtrack as a whole--because it's so mellow. The movie and book are as disturbing as hell. I still love them both :)

Happy Thursday!

Ginger-who is glad to have mail service back, but wishes they'd stop sending bills. For realz.


  1. "Kill Bill Vol. 1" was a great movie with great music; I love the whole disc (especially the Yanni song), even though "Battle of Humiliation and Pain" is SOOOO overplayed. "Lost Boys", "Pretty in Pink", "Heavy Metal" (1981) and "Rocky 4" are my other favorites; I guess I'm kinda old. John Hughes and Martin Scorcese are great and use background music very thoughtfully. "Sixteen Candles" and "Goodfellas" are worth checking out just for the bkgrnd. music--but they're great movies too.

  2. I'm surprised there are no "Dirty Dancing" songs on your list! Just like you, I love love love Labyrinth and all the songs in it. And I'm a huge fan of The Who. :) I had never heard that version of "Don't let Me Be Misunderstood" before (I liked it!) but my favorite version of that song is by Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam. (


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