Sunday, June 26, 2011

List Of The Week: It's Electric

...Or electronic, if you prefer. This list is a pared-down version of previous lists because I didn't have much time to prepare it. (Babysitting is awesome!)

1. Ghosts 'N' Stuff- deadmau5 (featuring Rob Swire) deadmau5 has been popular in Canada and abroad for a while now, but he didn't really achieve 'star' status in the U.S. until this song was featured on the Jersey Shore soundtrack. Apparently, this show has the midas touch.

2.I'm Not In Love-Crystal Castles (featuring Robert Smith) I had no idea who Crystal Castles were until I heard them live on CBC radio. I want to buy the album now because I love this great collabo with The Cure's Robert Smith. Impressive!

3.In The Morning-Junior Boys Hearing this song was the catalyst to an impromptu dance break at my job a few weeks ago. Good times.

4.Let's Get Ready To Crumble-The Russian Futurists I only listened to this song because of the band's name so I was surprised when I actually liked it.

5.I'm Not Your Toy-LaRoux Cool song, cool video. That is all.

6.Night By Night-Chromeo Another Canadian group. Their song 'Hot Mess' is blowing up the charts right now, but I like this one as well.

7. (Keep Feeling) Fascination-Human League Old school. I loved this song as a kid!

That's all folks!

Starting tomorrow I'll be showing you every mani I wear, good, bad, or ugly.

Can't wait.

Happy Sunday!

Ginger-who is kind of over True Blood. *ducks flying objects*

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  1. I won't throw anything at you. We all like what we like. :)


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