Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's June And This Is Red

This mani was supposed to be a part of my 'Holo Week' series, but as always, life got in the way and I didn't get to finish.

 My apologies.

Today's swatch is Red by Glitter Gal. It's a part of their 'Sparkle' holographic series which aren't linear holos, but glitter. (Similar to China Glaze Kaleidoscope collection, only more scattered.) I purchased Red because I didn't have any true red holos. I had lots of pink-red holos, and lots of red jellies with holo glitter, but this is the first "Red" holo I've seen. I'm still waiting for a red linear holo.

That would be brilliant.

In other news, it's June! I'm so glad. May was such a miserable month, least the weather was. In my neck of the woods it rained for almost the entire month! I can count the amount of sunny days we had on one hand. I didn't complain though, aside from living with dismally grey skies and achy joints, it didn't affect me. Besides, while we were getting rain, others had to contend with tornadoes, forest fires, and floods.
That really puts things into perspective.

I will definitely post more in June. (She said, full of hope.) I'm in the process of counting and cataloguing every colour in my stash so I can import the full list to a spreadsheet. I just finished counting OPI and I was stunned to find out that I own 173 of them--not including backups!

This is going to be interesting.

Have A Happy Thursday!

Ginger-Who is praying that the postal workers don't strike tomorrow. That would seriously put a damper on things.

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  1. Ozotic Pro from Australia make a linear red holo, you can buy it online from Picture Polish. It's number 518


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