Sunday, May 15, 2011

Random Playlist and Giveaway Winner

I haven't been blogging lately because real-life stuff has gotten in the way. Anyway, I figured it's about time I announced the winner of the $25 Apothica Giveaway. (I fail at giveaways so I don't do them often...also getting caught transporting "hazardous goods" via Canada Post means that I'll be due to pay all kinds of money that I really don't want to pay. What was I talking about again? Oh right, giveaway. The winner is a fellow blogger...Kristyn!
Her blog is called Sugar N Spice N All Things Nice, so check it out :) Congrats Kristyn!

I also noticed that I haven't done a playlist in ages! So here's a random one, sans commentary (My brain isn't prepared for that today :P) I'll have another one for you on Thursday, as per usual :)

1.A Little Respect-Erasure

2.Hate On Me-Jill Scott

3.Bang Bang Bang-Mark Ronson&The Business Intl featuring Q-Tip

4.The Lines You Amend-Sloan

5.Tighten Up-The Black Keys

6.If You Could Only See-Tonic

7.You Got Me-The Roots Feat. Erykah Badu

8.Love Don't Let Me Go-David Guetta vs The Egg

9.Worst Comes To Worst-Dilated Peoples

10.93 Till Infinity-Souls of Mischief

Happy Sunday!

Ginger-who is going to go on another no buy soon. I'm getting really good at sticking to them :)

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