Wednesday, May 18, 2011

On Wednesdays We Wear...Blue?

Hello All!

I haven't been in a blogging mood of late, but I didn't want to miss another Pink Wednesday. This week's pink is "Blue" by ManGlaze.

Let me just start by saying, this is the best matte nail polish I have ever used. I started with Orly and I've had a few Maybelline mattes (and the new crop of Zoyas and OPIs), but this is the longest-wearing by far.

The name is a dig at the recent outcry over a J Crew mailer that featured a young boy wearing pink nail polish on his toes. ManGlaze is a brand geared towards men, they offered two versions of this colour, Blue (a.k.a. 'The Clean Version'), and F*ck Off And Dye, (the Dirty version). I'm not squeamish about profanity in the least bit, but I anticipated being asked which colour I'm wearing and having to tell conservative church ladies to 'F*ck off'. I made the right choice, as, my mother asked about it the other day :)

Blue is a dark pink with shimmer. It dries to a frozen-looking matte finish, and wears like iron. I wore it for a week with no chips. None. It also dried quickly. I painted my nails in the car (as a passenger!) and they dried just before I strolled into work 15 minutes later. Bonus.

2 coats matte

The guys at ManGlaze typically frown upon this but I couldn't resist adding a topcoat :)

I know I'm about a month behind on this, but that entire J Crew controversy was ridiculous. First of all, gender identity is not determined by pink toenail polish. When my nephew was smaller he used to try on his mother's shoes, wear my Nana's wig and dance around saying, "I'm a pretty lady!" Now he's into GTA, martial arts and cars. He also wore clear nail polish as a tot, but that did nothing to hamper his development as a young man.

People need to calm down about this stuff.

*steps off soapbox*

Have a wonderful evening!

Ginger-who has received a few more ManGlaze polishes since. Verdict? Love <3


  1. I really like that you chose the blue name instead of fuck off and dye. I think it's more clever and has a better story to it. I'm not a prude and can curse with the best of them, but profanity in polish names has never really amused me or seemed particularly edgy.
    Sexual innuendo is always fun though.
    Anyway, gorgeous color on you! ^_^

  2. I don't see a thing wrong with a little tot wanting his toes painted. Give me a break! Really nice shade. I love mattes.


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