Sunday, May 8, 2011

Five Days Of Stamps

Hello All!

Today,as promised, I have every konad/fauxnad that I've worn throughout the week. For those of you who follow my boring self on Twitter, you'll know that I had trouble choosing photos for this post because I hated all of them. I have since decided that they are okay. I guess.

Day 1: This is actually from Day 4, but I'm too lazy to shift them around. This is a fauxnad using bundlemonster plate BM08, OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Suede, and Konad Special Polish in Pastel Green. I messed up the pinky nail so I stamped it twice. I kind of like it better that way :)

Second favourite of the week <3

Day 2: FAIL! It seemed like a good idea at the time. I don't have any trouble with the colour combination and I like the stamp choice, but the execution is faulty. To be fair, I did do this while I was on the phone and watching 'The Big Bang Theory', but still, it sucks.

to create this failure I used Bundlemonster plate BM02, China Glaze Light As Air as a base, and Konad Special Polish in Blue Pearl for the stamp.

Day 3: This one also looked better in my head. My initial idea was to have a holographic base with a bright pink image. Only, the "bright pink" tends to fade under harsh indoor lighting, so I had to add blue just to give it a little pizzazz. This was Konad plate M81, China Glaze Let's Do It In 3-D, Konad Special Polish in Blue Pearl, and Konad Princess Polish in Psyche Pink.

I ended up liking this one more than I thought I would.

Day4: This is Day 1.I really loved this mani, but I hate the picture. I purposely used a neon polish because I thought the contrast of a vibrant blue against a coral neon would look great. it does, but for some reason my camera cannot pick up neon orange. It always turns it peachy. Blah.

For this mani I used Konad image plate M65,China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy, and Konad Special Polish in Blue Pearl. (I use this a lot!)

Day 5: This mani was my favourite. I wanted it to be pretty,feminine and subtle and I've definitely achieved that. I used Nicole By OPI Respect The World Suede, Konad plate M73, and Konad Princess Polish in Psyche Pink.

So...yeah...that's it.

Have a great evening!

Ginger-who is saying Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there! I hope your day was filled with love and laughter :)


  1. Haha! your posts always make me smile and chuckle a bit. I loved the stamping - all of them are good in a different way. And I loved even more than they weren't in order. Great time.

  2. Your failure looks wonderful! I like them all. Each is so different from the other. Love your color combinations.


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