Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pink Wednesday:Diamond Cosmetics Hot Summer Pink

I am so glad this exists! I love Mean Girls because it always takes me back to Jr. High and how vicious girls can be to each other.Well, that and all the odd arbitrary rules of cliques. (Mine had a similar colour-based dress code. On Wednesdays we wore white.)

Pink has always been my favourite colour. Even when I was an emo, "I-love-black-because-it-represents-the-colour-of-my-soul" teenager, I still secretly loved pink. It's girly, serene, and it always reminds me of summer for some reason.

I chose Diamond Cosmetics Hot Summer Pink because here in The Middle Of Nowhere we are going through one of the oddest weather patterns in recent history. We had a hail/snowstorm on Friday, it rained on Saturday, and again on Sunday. Definitely odd. I needed a vibrant colour to brighten my day and Hot Summer Pink was the perfect choice :)

indoors no flash,indirect natural light

3 coats

I wish Diamond Cosmetics nail polish was more accessible here. For an inexpensive brand, the formula is really good. I didn't have any problems with streaking or running, and the wear was excellent as well. My only (small) issue is with the dry time, it was a little slow for me. (Note:Anything less than a minute is a little slow for me!)

That's about all I have for now, I'm thankful to you all for reading this blog, (even if you only do it sporadically) and I hope you all have a wonderful day.

And that was a little too saccharine, even for me.

Must be the pink.

Ginger-who has already decided who she is voting for in the upcoming Canadian election. Hint: It isn't the Prime Minister.


  1. Don't get me started on Diamond. It's such a great brand and a complete pain to find in the UK. Girl, your nails look great.

  2. That's a cute pink, looks great on you!

  3. I love Diamond too - funny, my pink Wednesday was DC too! Not the same color. :) This looks fantastic on you!

  4. I haven't worn this brand in a year. I just did my nails with Froggy. I love the green and it's worn well for 3 days. I just put China Glaze'z Matte Magic. My nails look like a chalkboard! Yours look fabulous. Yes, I like the black soul/polish look. I'm also a pink lover.


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