Monday, April 25, 2011

Geek Week:GLEE

For those of you who don't know, I Ginger, used to be a band/choir nerd. Our uniforms were black and yellow and we sang a lot of songs from the 60's and 70's, thanks to my baby-boomer choir director. I hated being in a choir because the girls were always mean and catty, and for that matter, so were the guys.

So when the first episode of GLEE aired, I was like, "That is my choir!" I'd like to think we were a lot cooler but the reality is, we were not. We were a mixed bag of vicious mean girls, snarky gay guys, a few introverted loners (me), and one or two straight guys who joined the choir to be with their girlfriends.

I loved the show, mostly because it was fun to see which songs they would cover next. The dynamic between Sue Sylvester and...well...everyone is great, and the cast consists of really talented dancers and singers. I loved all the jokes, the story-lines were somewhat realistic (soap opera fake pregnancy notwithstanding.) and the performances were great.

I say 'were' because I don't like the show as much as I once did. I still watch it, but not with the geekish devotion that I used to. I don't even buy the CDs anymore. This happens with every show I watch; At some point the novelty wears off, and I approach it with an overall attitude of 'Meh'. That's not to say that Glee isn't still a great show, it's just going through the inevitable changes that every show goes through. I guess I'm just not feeling this season.

Maybe next year guys.

The polish I chose to go along with this post is China Glaze Happy Go Lucky.

It's a vibrant yellow creme that perfectly suits the chirpy-cheeriness of Glee. If you've been following this blog for a while you'll know that I've hated yellow since my choir days. Well, I've had a change of heart. I can now proudly admit that yellow is fabulous. It's happy and fun, and really freakin' bright.

The only issue I have with yellow nail polish is the fact that I can never find one that isn't a streaky mess on me. In spite of China Glaze's stellar formula, Happy Go Lucky was no exception. I needed 3 coats in order to cover the bald spots. But that's a small price to pay for beauty.

What do you guys think about Glee? or yellow polish? or the fact that I've carried Geek Week over to a second week without mentioning it?

As always, let me know in the comments!

Ginger-who can't seem to speak without accidentally offending someone. That's right, I'm that girl.


  1. I can't sing a note, I have never watched glee, but I adore that shade on your nails!

  2. Choir Nerds unite!! I went to an all girls school, so the dynamics were a little different, but I loved every minute of it.

  3. Keep Geek Week coming. I love em. As for Glee, I don't have cable/satellite and have never seen it. I was, however, in a high school and college choir and then sang a little bit in a band (however, I wanted to actually eat and pay my bills, so I went out and got a real job). Anywhiddle, I digress. I came from a small high school, so we had none of the shenanigans you are mentioning - I feel somewhat cheated. The yellow lacquer is cool too, btw. :)

  4. I don't watch Glee...I've been meaning to, but I never got around to it and probably never will, unless all the other good stuff on tv ends.

    Love the color on you!

  5. i had thesame, loved the first 6 episodes but did not watch the others, Sue is also awesome as the shrink in two and a half men :) a show i keep loving.

  6. Love the polish. Looks amazing on you. I don't watch Glee.

  7. Great color on you! I quit choir in 8th grade when it stopped being fun, and have never seen Glee...


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