Sunday, April 17, 2011

Geek Week:Deadliest Warrior

Today marks the beginning of my second installment of 'Geek Week' The first happened last June and I spent most of it rambling on about the geeky things I love and ended it with a similarly themed polish. Well expect much of the same for this week :)

Niiice :)

My taste in TV shows runs the gamut from high-quality (Rescue Me, The Sopranos, Arrested Development-RIP...) to crap (anything MTV,The Bachelor,Sober House). I like to balance out my low-brow TV choices by reading classics that everyone says you should read...but no one actually does.

Except  for me. Because I'm a geek :)

My love for Deadliest  Warrior is somewhere in the middle. It's not mind junk, but it's not exactly Emmy-worthy either. (it should be though,just sayin')

The basic premise is this; two modern-day warriors are put through a series of tests using (mostly) old-school techniques to see which one has both the skill, and the weaponry to be victorious. The episode that got me hooked was the one in which the Spartans (of Ancient Greece) took on the Apaches (of North America) . Both sides have experts test their weaponry, and argue their case until all of the data is tabulated in the computer.

The computer conducts a series of battles basted on the weapons,armor,and skill level of both sides, and the winner is determined by which side has the most 'kills'. In the battle between the Apaches and the Spartans,the Apaches won (woohoo!)--mostly because their long-range weapon, the Bow and Arrow, was better. I've watched nearly every episode since.

I love the combination of science,skill, and physical agility involved, plus, some of the experts are really gorgeous guys =)

Anywhoo, to fit in with the topic of this post, I chose a shade by BB Couture For Men, Night Ops. It is a manly, glittery, midnight blue that reminds me of a starlit sky. The glitter particles are irregularly shaped and thin, so you get the sparkle, but not the gritty texture. I know this is supposed to be for men, but it's so gosh-darn pretty!

indoors ambient natural light
3 coats

Formula? Fabulous.Wear time? Great. I don't have anything bad to say about this colour. (If I did,I'd most definitely tell you.)

Happy Sunday All!

Ginger-who is going to answer Augusta's question here because blogger won't let me comment on my own posts: Yes I will be swatching the RBLs later in the week :) *shakes fist at commenting system*


  1. I've seen that show and liked it. We don't have cable or satellite so I happened to catch it...ummm...somewhere? and thought it was pretty cool. Love the mani too!

  2. I just recently watched the Deadliest Warrior episode with Al Capone's gang vs. Jesse James' gang. It was a sweet one. :) The Vlad the Impaler vs. Sun Tsu one was good too.

    Nice color!

  3. You know, that is the only episode of that show I watched - I liked it a lot! And then...I promptly forgot about it. This is a gorgeous color - I need to watch some more of those shows.

  4. I've never heard of this show. Interesting concept! Love anything BB Couture puts out.


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