Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Geek Week Pink Wednesday: Spain

Every so often I get these weird fixations that border on obsession. (This is what Geek Week is all about)  Four years ago it was all things Indian; I ate Indian food, watched Bollywood movies, and read books by Indian and Indian-American authors. Nail polish has been a lifelong obsession, and don't even get me started on my office supply addiction.

I'm a weirdo.

Today's Pink Wednesday swatch is OPI Pink Flamenco because I was totally obsessed with Spain in my early teens. Every time I was asked to do a project about a country, I picked Spain. I always rooted for the Spanish soccer teams, I listened to Spanish music, watched flamenco dancing, and I read books by Spanish people.

So when OPI launched their Spanish collection 2 years ago, I was like, "Spain? Sweet!" I only bought 5 of the 12, but, my 13 year-old self was pleased to have a few Spanish-themed nail polishes to add to my collection.

I've already swatched Pink Flamenco, but I didn't like the way the photos turned out. Here's a (slightly) better representation.

no flash indirect light

I love this colour because it was such an odd choice for a fall collection. While 'Spain' wasn't my favourite OPI collection, it's still up there in terms of formula quality. They're actually some of the best I've ever used.

Happy Pink Wednesday All!

Ginger-who is so glad that this is a short work week. Thank Jesus for Good Friday!


  1. This Spain is not plain, Nope. What's your current culture/country obsession?

  2. You are a crazy geek girl! Loveable and smart. I can understand your obsessions. I was really crazy and still am about Bollywood movies. Sharuk Khan I really love! When I was much younger I had all kinds of Indian decor in my bedroom. Wish I still had many of those items. Love this pretty pink.

  3. @Kimberly-Right now I'm really into Ireland,Finland and most of Eastern Europe. I can't really explain why :)

    @Lucy-Thank you :) Sharuk Khan is so handsome and distinguished! I can't think of many modern-day Hollywood actors that are similar.


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