Monday, April 18, 2011

Geek Week: Dictionaries

I have always loved words. As a kid I used to read the dictionary, just for fun. I took pride in the fact that I could spell a lot of words and knew exactly what they meant. I was also a precocious know-it-all, who used words like pulchritudinous rather than beautiful, and disreputable, instead of dishonest. It should be a surprise to no one that I got teased a lot.

I still read dictionaries occasionally, except this time I read them to find out the meanings of all the words I forgot. Apparently, the older you get, the less you remember--and women are especially prone to forget nouns. Great.

Rescue Beauty's latest collection is a word (and nail polish) lover's dream, each colour has a really great name...and word. My geeky confession is that I chose the 2 colours featured here partly because of their names.

The first shade I chose for today is Iconoclast def : A person who attacks cherished beliefs or institutions, i.e. religious icons.

Iconoclast is appropriately dark and moody. It's black, but it's far from basic because the multi-coloured shimmer gives it an extra "oomph". I have lots of black nail polish, and lots with shimmer, but nothing quite like this. Which is why I had to have it :)

Insouciant def. Free from concern, worry, and anxiety;nonchalant or carefree.

Insouciant is a dusty lavender with blue shimmer. I've been a purple fan forever, but lavender without shimmer has always been a little too "pastel" for me. (I usually try to avoid pastels that aren't pink.) However, Insouciant has stolen my heart. It is so beautiful, (or pulchritudinous, if you will) that I can't stop staring at my nails. I also love it because 'insouciant' is one of my favourite words. (Mellifluous,dulcet,serendipity and eunoia are some of the others.)

I also have a geeky obsession with encyclopedias. My parents bought a set in 1980 and I think I've read every letter (and the yearbook!) more than 100 times over the years. I guess I just like to know stuff.

So are any of you hopelessly devoted to something geeky? Let me know in the comments so I'll know for sure that I'm not alone :)

Ginger-who also used to read my father's art books, my mother's psychology textbooks, and a big binder full of car paint swatches that my uncle had.


  1. Gorgeous! I'm geeky about history. And...musical history? I've taken to reading up about classic rock bands' history. I'm currently researching Virginia Woolf's life. O_o Buuuut, I love words too!

  2. Two great polishes! I've never read the dictionary. I worked with a woman who loved words and used to really research the meanings of them. I didn't realize she was such a smart person. One day she saw me reading a book and we got to talking. She told me she hardly had room to walk in her house. She had stacks and stacks of books all over the place. She could take apart a word and tell you the origin of it. Really fascinating.


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