Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Haaate This Colour!

In all of my years as a nail polish fanatic I have never hated a colour as much as this. I've been very public about my hatred of frosts, but that's just the finish. I used to hate yellow but I've finally come to the conclusion that it looks great on me so I can't be mad at it anymore.

But this? Hate. Pure hate.

The funny thing is, I have every reason to love it. It's a vampy almost-black shimmer and it has a punny name 'Light My Sapphire'. Still, I hate it. It's way too boring to love. It's almost as though it is trying too hard to be both black and blue. It fails at both.

This boring shade was released in 2007 as a part of OPI's Night Brights collection. It's the ugly step-sister of  the gorgeous My Private Jet,Ink and Give Me The Moon. Totally out of place in my humble opinion. 

Oh, the formula is awful too;goopy,messy, and difficult to control. If I wasn't such a hoarder I'd get rid of it. Actually, I've just found the base for my next franken.

blah, blah, boring, blah.
indoors no flash

don't be fooled by this photo, it ain't that pretty.

So do you have a colour in your stash that you regret buying? What about a colour that is just plain ugly?

Happy Wednesday!

Ginger-who is wondering if the mailman forgot my address. Doubtful,but I've been waiting on a few things that haven't shown up yet :-/


  1. I have this one and I like it...but I don't like it that much. I like Midnight in Moscow way better.
    Thanks for the reminder...I think my co-worker will love this one. Gonna get it outta my stash and offer it to her.

  2. I will steer clear of this one, then.

    This is not a popular opinion, I know, but I don't like For Audrey. It doesn't look good on me at all.

  3. Sinful Colors Rise and Shine looks great on everyone except me. I don't know why I haven't gotten rid of it.

  4. Orly Goth was a total disappointment for me. I was so excited to get it as somebody's swatches of it looked fabulous. I either got a dud bottle or they were way too good with their photography. :P

  5. The second photo does make it look darned good! I have My Private Jet and it's overrated. Chainmail Charm by Diamond is loads better.

  6. Ohmygoodness, but it looks so good on you!

  7. The first photo it looks a bit frosty and brush strokey. The second it looks wonderful. I haven't found a polish I hate but one that didn't look good on me. It was one of those really yellow greens. I can't remember the name but it was by NYX. Made my skin look sickly.


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