Wednesday, March 16, 2011

BB Couture Maleficent Magenta

I don't remember if I've swatched this or not. I know I've worn it several times, but I don't think I've ever featured it on this blog. Oh well, that ends today.

I confess I bought Maleficent Magenta simply for the name. Maleficent (of Sleeping Beauty fame) is one of my all-time favourite Disney villains.  Mostly because she looked as evil as she sounded. Plus, she had a creepy raven as a side-kick. Bad-ass. Anyway, her namesake polish is not at all magenta. It's a deep,angry shade of violet with tons of blue and purple shimmer. The formula is wonderful. I didn't have any application problems and it dries to a super-shiny finish. I love BB Couture and it breaks my heart that I can't buy the new ones. Poo.

2 coats indoors no flash

...and here's the lady herself (with her beloved pet raven)

Isn't she great?

I promise to post more. I have a lot of time to make up, so prepare to be spammed. Often. (Seriously, you'll get sick of me after awhile :P)

Have an awesome day!

Ginger-who is still annoying her mailman in spite of my lack of ordering. Old habits...


  1. Love any BB Couture polish. This is a gorgeous polish. I love all the color in this. I'm trying to not order so much. The new collection is amazing. I need to order them!


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