Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Untamed Luxury Times Three

Hello Everyone!

Today I have more untrieds from my stash. (It is sickening how many I still haven't tried)
I am waaay late to the party with these, (at this point everyone else has already gone home,and the host is in their pajamas with a scowl on their face :P) Color Club released them last fall,and I bought the six that I liked the most.

Here they are!

(silver glitter)
OK, first off, I hate the spelling.Its annoying. The colour, however, is really pretty. It's a silvery-blue shimmer with multi-coloured iridescent glitter. I liked it a lot, but it's a little on the bumpy side.

Positively Posh

(deep taupe creme)

A few years ago,I wouldn't have been caught dead with this shade of taupe on my nails. Now I adore it! It's definitely and over-saturated pick at this point, but I love them so keep 'em coming!

Soft As Cashmere

(grey-beige creme)

My favourite of this set. A super-flattering putty grey creme. Currently,I'm the mood for vibrant shades, but whenever I want soft I go for these. Lovely :)

This is my first post since I chopped my nails off.I tried as much as I could to salvage the break in my ring fingernail,but it was too far-gone to save :(  Oh well, I don't mind as long as they look pretty :)

Happy Thursday Eve!

Ginger-who recently saw a relationship-advice book written by Jwoww. I'm as appalled as you are.


  1. If having a ton of untried polishes is a sickness, it's spreading! =O

    I love these colors as well. I formed a new love for 'greige' too.

  2. Your nails look really pretty. Must feel odd to you. I've always liked taupes. There's so many to choose from now. These all look lovely on you.

  3. A book by J-who? Anyway, I really like the last color you.


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