Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This Post is Smokin' Hot

Hello All!

I'm sorry for my sporadic posting lately, life (and the flu) just got in the way for a few weeks. The good news is, I'm back now! (insert wild applause here)

Today's look is a beauty. I don't often buy Essie from any source other than etailers. Mostly because it costs an arm and a leg here.
When I saw Smokin' Hot I knew I had to have it. This colour is really popular right now. (that's the understatement of the week!) It's a deep purple-grey creme that is cutting-edge,subdued, and classy.
Smokin' Hot is a bit of a chameleon though, as it changes colour depending on the light. That's why I love it.

 Essie always makes awesome cremes. While I'm not always bowled-over by their colour choices (really, how many shades of pale pink do you need?) I am impressed by their formula. The consistency is perfect for painting :)

indoors under lamp no flash

indoors with flash

In other news, I was recently approached by to host a giveaway! The prize is a $25 giftcard for their website. I'll post the details soon but in the meantime check them out, their selection of beauty products is fabulous!

Have a great evening!

Ginger-who is rediscovering all of the awesome nail polish I ignored,simply because I can't buy anymore. Sometimes a no-buy can be a good thing :)


  1. It's like a whole other polish in different lights. I like the color on you too. :)

  2. when i can't buy polish i like to shop around in my stash. its funny how you can forget how awesome the polish you already own is.

  3. That is one gorgeous polish! I've yet to wear it. I could shop my stash forever!


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