Friday, February 11, 2011

Old School:Revlon Street Wear Conniving

I really miss this line. In the 90s only a  few drugstore lines dared to feature bold nail polish that wasn't red. Street Wear by Revlon was one of the first, and for my teen-aged "too-broke-to-buy Hard Candy or Urban Decay" self, it was a gift from God. I only had a few, (Grape,Toad,Tar,Gold Mine and Midnight) but I loved them because they weren't pink,peach,red, or nude. I was heartbroken when I found out they were being discontinued. (Stupid lawsuit.)

Thank goodness for etailers! I found this on a well-known online auction site that I'm avoiding like the plague right now. (I'm NOT breaking this no-buy.Again.)

Conniving is a beautiful blue with violet duochrome.It's really subtle,but it's stunning. I couldn't stop staring at it! This is older, so the formula was a little watery,but it went on smoothly. I'm not going to pick it apart though,I've wanted more Street Wear polish for years!

3 coats

I suppose I should be posting something pink and or red for Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, that is one holiday I can't support. Mostly because I believe it's commercialized,and superficial and has nothing to do with genuine sentiment or Saint Valentine. If you are celebrating it with your loved one, I applaud you. It's wonderful to be in love and it's lovely to ccommemorate long as you do it on the other 365 days of the year =)

Happy Friday!

Ginger-who is going to stock up on candy Feb 14th at 9:30pm. I love a discount!

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  1. I loved this line. My favorites were Toad and Drab. I listened to a "friend" who said teenagers should wear those colors. I was an idiot and listened to her. I gave them to my younger cousins. I've been kicking myself ever since. I wish I could find those two polishes. I loved this line for the same reason. Although I love the pinks and reds. My favorites are the olives and the blood colors.


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