Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New To Me: Jesse's Girl Confetti

I'm a little annoyed with this brand because the name always gives me an earworm. (There I go, showing my age again :P) But if you like sheer,iridescent,glass-fleck jellies, look no further than Confetti, by Jesse's Girl.

I'd never heard of this brand until it kept popping up on MUA and random etailer sites. It's not available here in Canada, so I ordered this one to try it out.

Though the picture isn't exactly 'true to life', it does capture the iridescent blue tones quite well. (There's also purple,but as usual it doesn't show.) 

3 coats indoors no flash

I love glass-fleck nail polish. Shimmer has always been my favourite finish, but sometimes the shimmer is so minuscule that it gives the polish a frosty sheen. And we all know how I feel about frost! I used to be bothered by jelly finishes because it was always so difficult for me to achieve opacity.  Now I know that opacity isn't always the best result, and a little VNL never hurt anyone.

So what do you think? Is Confetti a keeper? Is it giving you Rick Springfield flashbacks? (If you ask who he is I will cut you with my mind. *jokes* )

Happy Tuesday Ladies!

Ginger-who is on a first-name basis with our mail carrier.

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  1. I don't own any of this brand. I think it's a keeper. I love the shade on you. I adore glass flecked polishes also.


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