Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Spam

Hello All! I know I promised you spam on Saturday but apparently my body had other ideas. I woke up with a sinus infection and spent most of the day in bed watching episodes of 'Bethenny Getting Married' and popping ibuprofen. Good Times.

 So I'm posting the spam today!


Vampy glass-fleck gorgeousness! Burgundy is one of my favourite shades of red so I knew I *had* to have this one.

Nicole By OPI Me+Blue

Inspired by fellow Canuck Justin Bieber. Girls love him, moms love him, lesbians want to look like him. I wasn't too keen on this idea in the beginning,but now I've made my peace with it. Me + Blue is a beautiful scattered holo glitter and I love it. (Even with the weird stubby brush)

Sation Midnight Blue

First off, Sation polish stinks. It's toluene,formaldehyde and DBP-free, but it still stinks. That said, the colour is beautiful. It's a rich royal blue frost/shimmer. I like it a lot.

L.A. Splash Enchantress

I don't remember if I posted this one or not :- / Anyway, this is another gorgeous burgundy, only this time with pink glitter. The pic is kind of yucky, but the colour itself is lovely.

I need to shake up my colour palette a bit. Ever since winter hit, all I've been wearing is purple,blue,red, and green. I want it to be spring already.

So what do you all think of my choices? Love or  loathe?

Have a Great Day!

Ginger-I am not going to watch any more cheesy reality shows. I mean it this time.


  1. Yayy spam! Me gusta!

    And LMAO @ that website!! Hahahaha omg, I'm officially obsessed.

  2. Your spam is always so variety packed and full of surprises.


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