Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fun With NYXGirls

Hello All!
 Happy Saturday to you :) Today I was shopping my stash and found these two (previously unworn) beauties.  The first is Purple Noir a deep eggplant with blue and purple shimmer. I don't remember if I've swatched this or not, so I layered it with Enchanted Forest, a multi-sized green hex-glitter.

NYXGirls nail polish is very affordable at the cost of $3 each, and the quality is decent-especially for the price. My favourite of the two is Purple Noir, simply because it's purple. Enchanted Forest was kind of a pain to apply. It took a lot of digging to get a hold of the larger glitter pieces. I hate that. Other than the faulty application, this is a beautiful layering combo.

indoors ambient light no flash

This is what Purple Noir looks like on its own.

So what have you all been up to? I'm preparing for yet another snowstorm, and lounging around in my pajamas. I love Saturdays!

Have a great evening!

Ginger-who was recently told by my niece that I smelled like Strawberry Shortcake. I love kids.


  1. Purple Noir is beautiful, Miss Strawberry Shortcake! The effort it took to get the glitter on seems to have paid off because it looks great. :)

  2. i wish i could see NYX polishes in person! i have yet to place an order, all of mine (2) are from swaps!

  3. Love that purple. Some of those NYX glitters are such a pain!


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