Friday, January 7, 2011

Zebra Print Konad

Hello All!
Today's mani is a konad I did recently. A break forced me to chop my nails (which weren't that long to begin with) to nubs. Boo. Short or not, I still want my tips to look pretty. (Can I get an amen?)
To create this look I used 2 coats of OPI Sapphire in the Snow, 1 coat of Nfu-Oh #51,konad image plate M57, and konad special polish in white for the stamp.

The duochromey-flakiness doesn't show up as well in artificial light, but trust me, this is one awesome combination :)

I haven't done konadicures as much as I thought I would.So for the new year I'm going to feature them more often.As much as I like to babble on and on about the colour and finish of nail polish,I love looking at beautiful nail art. I can't guarantee that this is what I'll deliver,but you will definitely see more stamping from me in the future :)

Have a great day ladies!

Ginger-who has spent the entire week trying to figure out why dead birds are falling from the sky.You know,other than the fact that they're dead.


  1. okay, i ran in here when i read Konad, because i think i've only seen you do one Konadicure so far. it turned out great and artsy :)

  2. Your poor nails. They grow fast I believe. I love the manicure. Very sexy.

  3. The manicure is just awesome and looks fabulous. And the nubs do look great even though its hard when we're used to them being long.


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