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Old School:OPI Russian Collection Fall/Winter 2007

This is one of my all-time favourite fall collections, and not just because I'm enamoured with all things Russian.The selection of shades was top-notch there wasn't a single dud in the bunch. Back then I only bought the 6 colours I wanted the most,but I wish I had purchased more.It's rare that you find a collection in which all 12 of the shades are awesome. (Even the neutrals) To remind you of the fabulousness that was the Russian collection,here are the six that I currently own =)

Siberian Nights

purple-leaning indigo  creme

I love indigo because it's a beautiful combination of two of my favourite colours:blue and purple.I bought this because at the time everyone and their grandma was wearing black nail polish.While I love black,I wanted an alternative so I wouldn't "look like everyone else".Siberian Nights is perfect because it's dark enough to be dramatic and classy,but it doesn't *look* black.

    Russian Navy

 (navy blue with pink shimmer)

Such a pretty shade of navy blue! What makes this one pop is the shimmer;it's pink,which gives this rich shade of blue a slight purple tinge.I'm due for another bottle because my original is almost gone.
(I wore this out!)

                   Boris and Natasha

                                      (Byzantium creme)
This colour is way underrated! Truthfully,I expected it to be sort of drab but,that is definitely not the case.It's a very sophisticated shade of red-purple and I love how it looks on me.

Suzi Says Da!

(burgundy creme)

Back when I was in my "I'm-scared-of-cremes" phase, the only ones I would wear were either pink or dark. Burgundy is one of those colours that never really goes out of style.It's always there,like an old comfy sweater.That said, this one is a beauty.

Midnight In Moscow

(blackened red shimmer)

And this is one of my favourites of the entire collection! It was love at first sight for me and Midnight in Moscow and I've never looked back.I love my shimmery reds and vibrant pinks,but there's just something about a good blackened shimmer that makes me feel like a diva whenever I'm wearing it.

Affair In Red Square

(crimson shimmer)

...and this is my other favourite! I was devastated when this was discontinued because it is way better than I'm Not Really A Waitress.(In my humble opinion) It's deeper and more rich in person than it is in my photos,but trust me, it's gorgeous.If you love red you need this!

This is one of OPI's best collections.It highlights what the brand does best (reds!) and throws in some unconventional choices just to mix things up (also,not a single boring nude-that's progress, people!) In recent years I haven't always been bowled over by OPI's fall/winter collections, but every so often they'll release a line that reminds me why they are still the class of the salon/drugstore field. (J-Biebs collection notwithstanding :P)
It's no wonder they're one of my favourite brands.

I think I need the other six : /

Have A Happy Saturday!

Ginger-who is in possession of 1 bottle of Clarins 230 but I'm terrified to use it. Oh dear.I'm one of those people.


  1. It is a beautiful collection.

    I have clarins 230 had it for awhile now and still haven't swatched it. Don't know why I'm so afraid. lol! (I think I'm wait for a special time and day or something :)

  2. yep, the Russian collex is OPI's best fall/winter one IMO. i wish i had been into nails back then i would've gotten all 12 shades (i only own 2 now). do you still plan on getting some of the other 6?

  3. greetings from a russian girl! *waves and smiles*
    I'm so glad that this collecton isn't full of damn red cremes or matryoshka or vodka themed polishes or whatever people think of first when they hear "Russia". I love these polishes! Boris&Natasha is one of the most beautiful ones <3

  4. These colors are so rich and beautiful. I just picked up the Russian Navy suede version and swatched it, also gorgeous. BTW, Affair in Red Square really pops on your nails - vividly.

  5. I don't know if I have even one of this collection. I missed out on so many good polishes. I'll have to check my book to see if I have any of these. They are gorgeous. Thanks for swatching these. You rarely see anything older on blogs. There's so much that I'd love to see.


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