Thursday, January 27, 2011

Milani Magenta Metal

Hello All! It's going to be a short post today because all of the sudden I have the world's most annoying headache. Actually,I can't verify that, what I should say is that it's annoying to me.
The sore-ish throat that accompanies it isn't so hot either. This had better not be another flu!  I will kick someone if it is!


 Anyway, this is Milani Magenta Metal. It's part of last summer's 'Metals' collection, but it's more of an iridescent shimmer. There's a blue flash but it doesn't show up in the picture. It's pretty and I love it.

Have a great day :)

Ginger-who hasn't purchased a single bottle of nail polish in 3 weeks...but just spent $110 on books.Surely,this is a lateral move.


  1. Well, with all the 'gotta have' collections coming out, I'm not surprised you've turned to books. This is a lovely color and it's kind of fun to see so many blogs digging through their stash for stuff they bought but didn't wear or post up yet. :)

  2. This is pretty...I love plummy purples and magentas.

  3. That color is just fabulous on you. Pops on your nails. Hope your headache went away quickly and life is good for you. :)

  4. Gorgeous shade. Love that collection. Books are so easy to keep buying.


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