Thursday, January 13, 2011

List Of The Week:Birth Year Playlist

Hello All! To celebrate my birthday, this week's playlist is devoted entirely to songs that reached number one on the Billboard music charts in 1981. (The year I was born)

1.(Just Like) Starting Over-John Lennon This was #1 on the week I was born =)

2.The Tide Is High Blondie BLONDIE!!! Cool.

3.Celebration-Kool &The Gang I couldn't think of any song more appropriate.

4.9 to 5-Dolly Parton I love this song!

5.I Love A Rainy Night-Eddie Rabbitt!

6.Keep On Loving You-REO Speedwagon Meh.Moving on...

7.Rapture Blondie Now this is more like it!

8.Kiss On My List-Hall &Oates I like some Hall and Oates songs.This is not one of them :/

9.Morning Train (Nine To Five)-Sheena Easton Ugh.This song was played incessantly at work,so I kind of hate it now :(

10.Bette Davis Eyes-Kim Carnes I'm indifferent about this song.I don't love it,but I don't hate it either.

Keep in mind that these songs are all 30 years old. Crazy!

Have a good day everyone!

Ginger-who must be driving the mailman insane with all my,"Is it here yet?" questions.I think he's holding out on purpose.

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