Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

I was doing so well. I pretty much avoided most of my go-to etailers like the plague and I stopped going to the cosmetics department of the drugstore. Unfortunately, when you become a member of certain sites they send you emails. That advertise stuff. Stuff you really want to buy.

I was set on sticking to my no buy until I received said email from the wonderful people at Illamasqua. Apparently, members get 15 % off their total purchase on their birthday.

Well, mine was nearly 3 weeks ago, and I caved like a ruined soufflè. On the upside, I now have 4 very pretty colours to wear :)

From left to right: Collide (it's not orange in real life) ,Obsess,Baptiste and Intense Gloss in Fume.

I promise this is the last one XD

Ginger-who has now shifted my focus from buying make up to buying books. Great.


  1. LOL, Don't feel bad...I'm sure that most people use their birthdays as a reason to act a fool.
    Lord knows I did. -___-

    You got some pretty colors, and I can't wait to see them on!

  2. I do the focus shift, too...From polishes to books to mineral make up to polishes again!
    Baptiste seems gorgeous!

  3. happy Birthday to you is right. What better time then your birthday to treat yourself. Baptiste looks awesome....now I want it too. lol Hope you have a great day every day and an extra special one on your birthday.

  4. HOT! i have all of these color, you made excellent choices!!!!

  5. Wonderful birthday present. Gorgeous polishes.


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