Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Grey Polish For Some Nasty Weather

Hello All!

I am so sorry for the lack of posts this week,I've been catching up on some much-needed rest. What's new and exciting?

Well,for me it's snow.Lots and lots of freakin' snow. How much snow? Certainly not as much as New York or Boston (30 cm? Youch!) but between today and tomorrow we're expecting 20 centimetres. It's a good thing I've got cute boots to wear.

I wanted to pick a similarly dismal colour to match the mood of the weather. I bought my very first Essence polish at the drugstore a few months back. The colour I chose was Fivepocket Grey from their Denim Wanted collection,a pretty medium grey creme. I've only ever seen Essence nail polish on foreign blogs, so I was pleasantly surprised to see it here in Canada. I can see why it's so popular.Not only is it inexpensive,but the quality it good too. I didn't have any application issues, and the wear was great. My only issue is with my hands.They look really grubby after my warehouse shift. Blargh.

2 coats indoors no flash

In other news,My birthday is tomorrow! I was born during a really bad snowstorm so it's only appropriate that I get to celebrate the anniversary of my a snowstorm.

Good Times.

I hope you all are well and have a great evening. I'll be posting a special birthday edition of 'List Of The Week' tomorrow.

Ginger-who is NOT going to buy China Glaze's new collection until her no-buy is over! (I need it in writing so I'll actually have to stick to it)


  1. That grey looks amazing on you! Yay for your Birthday! Hope you get some great goodies!

  2. Have a happy birthday!

    Also, where did you find Essence in Canada??

  3. @peripatetic33,jbrobs and R3Beauty Thank you :)

    @Chantal I bought this at Shopper's Drug Mart :)

  4. Cool, I will have to check my local Shoppers!

  5. We've got more snow in New Jersey. Not much considering other parts of the states. Love this grey polish. Perfect polish for this time of year. You have 6 minutes till your birthday. Have a very Happy Birthday and God bless you.

  6. I hope you had a beautiful birthday! This color looks awesome on you.


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