Tuesday, January 4, 2011

BB Couture Zuma Wave Rider

Happy 2011 Ladies!

How's this year been treating you so far?
Well, mine has been great. If the past few days are any indicator as to how the rest of the year will be then 2011 is going to be an awesome year. Today's mani is a colour I have had on my wish list since the summer of 2009.

Zuma Wave Rider is a light cornflower blue cream with (very) subtle iridescent blue shimmer.I couldn't capture the shimmer on my nails,but it's slightly visible in the bottle. Blue nail polish is an absolute must for me. As much as I love red,purple and pink, I also have a respectable selection of blues and greens (and most of them are BB Couture :P)

3 coats

Application was good.Their formula is slippery,but easy to work with.It also dries in a reasonable amount of time. I don't know why,but I'm very much into spring colours right now. Possibly because it's cold and freezing where I live and I want to see something cheery. Who knows.

If you'd like to purchase this beauty it is available at Overall Beauty for $9.95.

Have a wonderful evening!
Ginger-who is endlessly fascinated by infants in spite of the fact that they don't really do much.


  1. Glad to hear your year is starting off well! I am craving spring colors already too... greyed out pastels, nom nom nom!

  2. wow, blue looks amazing with your skintone
    awesome shade!

  3. This is such a beauty! I know what you mean about the Spring shades. I'm wearing Sally Hansen Salon's Golden Ticket. In the Spring I wore dark shades. Think I'm a bit mixed up!


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