Tuesday, December 7, 2010

NOTD: China Glaze Preppy Pink

Greetings All!

This is a very old NOTD as evidenced by my longer, "not-work-appropriate nails". Preppy Pink was released as a part of China Glaze's gargantuan Glitters and Shimmers collection last year.It has a light pink jelly base with iridescent glitter and, to be honest, was a pain to apply until I added polish thinner. Nail polish with the consistency of  craft glue is not impressive,especially when it's new. The colour is fabulous though. (I would say that because I'm totally biased. I love pink.)

3 coats

In other news, the results of my first reader's poll is up. After much consideration,I've decided to apply everything on the list. I will have shorter posts and longer posts, add more nail art, more make up, more full collections (when I can, because they're kind of expensive), more non-nail related stuff, and since 'Don't change a thing' was in the lead with 20% of the vote, I'll be doing that as well ;)

Have a wonderful day ladies!

Ginger-who hopes that all you make up fans are content with me doing arm swatches a la Karla Sugar .I fail at face-photos.


  1. Preppy Pink is really pretty. I have it but probably haven't worn it. I didn't want you to change a thing. Besides it's your blog and I love it and will continue to read it.

  2. Crap. I didn't even want this until I saw it on you. It's so pretty!
    I like arm swatches just fine - I plan on doing them too, I will ATTEMPT to take some photos but I'm not very good at them!

  3. that color is beautiful! shame i don't own this one.

    i hope you don't change much on your blog. i enjoy reading your personal stories.


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