Friday, December 17, 2010

Mistletoe Kisses

I've always hated mistletoe. Every Christmas my Nan would hang it right at her front entrance,so you were always stuck with kissing the person who arrived directly after you. Even Uncle Slobberface, Auntie Whisky-breath, and Cousin "Bathes in perfume". Ack. 

I enter through the side-door now :P

However,the Mistletoe Kisses offered by China Glazes' new Holiday collection I will gladly accept.It's a cool-toned green jelly with silver glitter.I have worn it several times and I never get sick of looking at it. It's a lovely compliment to the other shades in the collection and wears really well.
 I heart it.

2 coats indoors no flash


So what do you think of Mistletoe Kisses? Or mistletoe in general? I personally have issues with having to kiss someone simply because there's a parasitic herb hanging over my head,but that's just me.

Happy Friday Everyone!
Ginger-who is pleased to announce that IT'S FINALLY SNOWING HERE!!!! It's about time!


  1. I love this polish. I was wearing it the day I bought my car, so its my newest good luck polish

  2. I had to lol reading the first part :D I've never had mistletoe hanging above my head, luckily! (Uncle Slobberface.. *shivers*)

    But onto the polish, it looks awesome on your nails!!

  3. Love that polish! I don't like the idea of having to kiss someone. The worse time was during my second job. One of the guys would come around holding mistletoe above his head and grabbing everyone. I tried to run off but he backed me into an area I couldn't get out of. This was before sexual harassment laws. I think a bunch of us would have turned his but in. Nothing like having to be kissed by someone you can't stand. The worse part is he had an affair with a sweet women I worked with. She had 2 sets of twins and a set of triplets. She left her husband for this idiot. I don't know what went on exactly because I'd left the job but he ended up shooting her with a shot gun and killing her. Then he killed himself. All in front of her younger son. I couldn't even go to the funeral. He sold some jewelry he made and I bought it. When I heard what happened I immediately got rid of the set. I don't know why since the jewelry wasn't him but I always associated it with him. It still hurts me to think of what happened.


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