Saturday, December 18, 2010

List Of The Week:More Random Songs I Like

1.Guns and Horses-Ellie Goulding- I had never heard of her until I heard this song in an episode of "Drop Dead Diva" (love that show!) I proceeded to listen to it non-stop shortly after that. She's great.

2.Grenade-Bruno Mars Easily one of the saddest love songs I've ever definitely doesn't help that Bruno looks like an older Latino version of my nephew Moody.The first time I saw the video it made me cry because he looked so heartbroken.

3.Drive-Incubus-Incubus will forever take me back to high school.My friend was obsessed with the lead singer and played them all the time.This is easily my favourite song by them.

4.Out of This World-Bush-I love Gavin.The end.

5.Outside-Staind-Whatever happened to these guys? This song didn't get as much play as the 'It's Been Awhile' but I like it a lot better.
6.Flood-Jars Of Clay When Christian rock goes mainstream it's either a complete disaster or a raging success.These guys are definitely the latter.

7.Maybe Tomorrow-Stereophonics I was reminded of this song by Ria (who posted it on facebook a few weeks ago) I forgot how much I loved it until I heard it again.Just a great song :)

8.Carnival-The Cardigans For some reason The Cardigans were repackaged as a slick,sanitized pop group for the North American public,but I remember them being a lot more ironic and a little dark.I love this video because it's so "mod 60s" but it was released in the 90s.

9.Rolling In the Deep-Adele-My intro to Adele happened a few years ago.My supervisor was in love with her album 19 and played it whenever she worked.I loved it and bought a copy for myself.She is amazingly talented and I'm hoping to get her latest album 21 for Christmas.

10.Sound of Sunshine-Michael Franti and Spearhead I love Michael Franti because he's an unabashed truth-teller. This song is so happy and upbeat it just makes me smile.When I heard he was opening for John Mayer I was aghast.It should definitely be the other way around.(I'm biased because I can't stand John Mayer,but it's still true.)

Feel free to share a random song that you like in the comments =)

Take Care!

Ginger-who just spent a marathon day shopping with my mother. I really need to stop.

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