Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just Two Regular Guys...

Hello All!
Today I'm featuring two shades from the BB Couture For Men Regular Guys collection. I have 5 of the 6 (Coal Miner,Blue Collar and Golf Pro have already been featured here) and I love them all. I passed on Cowboy only because it looked too similar to some of the other brown/taupes I have.

Take A Look!

 A frosty evergreen.
As an east-coaster I'm very familiar with mariners. They're the guys that fearlessly sail the open seas to earn a living,whether as fishermen,captains or deck hands braving weather conditions that would make most of us run in our houses and hide. This colour perfectly represents mariners because it's a rich,blue-toned evergreen. Most of the sea water I've seen here is the same colour.

2 coats

deep crimson shimmer

One profession I have no clue about. I know it's a sport that's deeply rooted in history, but to me it's just gruesome to watch.Still, this colour is a subtly shimmery red that is reminiscent of a matador's cape.

2 coats indoors with flash

I am a huge BB Couture fan! I especially like their men's line and have nearly every colour they've made. I'm not going to gush at length, but I will say that BB Couture is one of the best brands I've ever used. Their colour selection is fabulous, they're always doing interesting things (refreshing-especially when you consider the current "follow the leader" trend among beauty brands) and the quality is great for a decent price.

These colours and others are available for purchase at for $9.

Happy Saturday!

Ginger-who just spent the day with my niece, a.k.a. "The human tornado." My house is no longer the same.


  1. Mariner is simply awesome! That's a breath-taker! Bullfighter, now that makes me see red. lol

  2. wow mariner is one BB green i have not already bought or put on my list and after looking at your pics i think i need to

  3. I love both but them I'm a sucker for BB!

  4. I have all of the mens collections. I don't have any of the new Christmas colors. Theses two are lovely. The red is gorgeous and of course the green is lovely. BB Couture is a wonderful brand of polish. Wish I could own them all.

  5. They're both gor-geous! I love BB Couture, especially for their greens, not that I have one.. still working in that, LOL


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