Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wonderful Times Three

Hello All!
Not only am I late to the party with these,I'm the guest who shows up while you're cleaning up, with my tired old vegetable tray,saying "Sorry I'm late!"

Well,better late than never.

I only purchased 3 shades in the 'Wonderful' half of the collection. When it was released I said "Am I the only dork who noticed that the colours are named for contestants on 'Dancing With the Stars'? Very cute =)

The Wonderful half are all cremes,but seeing as how I'm a shimmer lover,I only picked out the colours
that I really loved

Payne's-grey creme

I love this colour! I knew as soon as I laid eyes on this blue-grey creme that I'd adore it.The artificial lighting makes it look more grey,but for some reason it looks purple on me in real life.Gorgeous.

2 coats

 deep olive-green creme

Another beauty.I am a huge fan of all things green,so Shawn was another must have. I know it's been mentioned a million times before,but I love how Zoya didn't go the obvious route and name the green polish Kelly.The name Shawn suits this colour quite well. It's a welcome addition to my expanding collection of greens.

2 coats


sienna creme

Sienna is one of my favourite shades of brown. It instantly evokes warmth and coziness (is that even a word?) Perfect for fall. Love it <3

2 coats

I still might pick up a few more of these.I didn't think I needed Burke but then I saw it on someone else and thought,"ooh,nice!"  so that might be my next pick.Each of these applied well with no issues whatsoever.I've always liked Zoya nail polish but they are the hardest for me to find here.I usually have to purchase them from ebay because no one sells them here.
Boo :(

Do any of you have these colours? If so,which ones?

Have a happy Saturday!
Ginger-who is spending the day with my family.Oh joy!


  1. Kelly is my favorite and I covet my bottle! lol

  2. Cola is so pretty!!! love it.

    .... i wanted to tell you i love your blog so much i gave you an award :)

  3. I ordered the whole collection. When I first saw them I realised that they were the dancers from Dancing With the Stars. Not too many people said anything about it! I love the show so I wanted them all. I love all of the colors in this collection. Shawn and Cola are really gorgeous. Cola looks like Dr Pepper to me. My favorite soda!

  4. You picked gorgeous ones that look fabulous on you! I got Kelly and Shawn as well, but now you have me giving Cola a second look...

  5. Shawn gets my attention! Wow! I just got my first order from Zoya today. I have only found them once at Ulta. So to make my Zoya-madness happy, I just resign to ordering.

    Great Swatches too!

  6. Excellent swatches. I don't have any of these but I'm really liking Cola. Great picks.

  7. I want a few zoya polishes soo bad. The fiance has me on a polish ban right now. :( his stipulation for me getting the china glaze holiday collection was no polish for 3 months. he only gave into tonight because the two polishes i wanted were only 30 cents each... otherwise he was firm about NO MORE POLISH. Sad panda am I until my sentence is up.


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