Monday, November 15, 2010

Wicked Times Four

Hello All!
I have four shades from the Wicked collection to show you today.I only purchased a few because buying all 12 colours is just a little too rich for my blood! True to form,I picked the darkest and most "fall" looking shades.

Check them out!

warm brown metallic glitter

So pretty! I just adore the colour brown and Cheryl is one of the best I've seen.It's a glowy glitter with gold and brown micro-glitter.Stunning!

2 coats

reddish copper with micro-glitter

I don't know why this looks so copper on me.It's definitely a warm red with dazzling multi-coloured micro-glitter.I was going to pass on this one,but thankfully I didn't.She's pretty :)

2 coats

smoky blue-green with gold micro-glitter

The most complex of the four is also my hands-down favourite.Edyta is really a sight to behold! It's kind of a mossy olive green that's slightly blue-toned, with gold shimmer.It's one of the best greens I've seen this year.

smoky purple with duochrome pink and gold micro-glitter.

Of course I love the purple one =) Julieanne is a bit more showy in the bottle than it is on the nail.Still,it's one gorgeous purple.The glitter definitely makes this one pop.

2 coats but upon further inspection I definitely could have used a third.

Again,I can't say anything bad about these.The formula was great,the wear was good,and the colours are all lovely.The only issue I've ever had with Zoya is their lack of availability in my neck of the woods.

So which of the wicked ladies did you buy? Do you have a favourite?

Have a wonderful evening!

Ginger-who is determinded not to fall asleep early.Yesterday I went to bed at 5pm and woke up at 2am.Not cool.

2 coats


  1. I ordered the whole collection. Edyta is my favorite since it's green. Each polish in the collection is beautiful. I also love these since they're named after Dancing With the Stars dancers.

  2. Your swatches are very, very beautiful, girlie!

    Well, I HAD to buy Kym even though I don't go by even 'Kim' it is probably the closest they will come to 'Kimberly.' And to gripe some more, I don't even care for the color. The good news, I'm glad to be a part of the 'Wicked' group. Baaahaaahaaahaaa!!! ;P


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