Saturday, November 20, 2010

Random Nubar Swatches

Nubar is yet another 'new-to-me' brand.I had never heard of them until last year.I think the very first shade I purchased was Cherry Cordial.Since then I've amassed quite a collection-nowhere near my insane amount of OPI and China Glaze of course-but enough to be noteworthy. Here are a few shades by them that I really love.

Enchanting Red

Well hello beautiful!
This is number 201 of my glowy red stash. (I may or may not be exaggerating about the number,but I do know it's close) The name suits it well.It's an amazing, cool, classic red with velvety smooth shimmer.This is the only colour in the Risque Reds collection that I was really passionate about buying. It's hot.

2 coats indoors with flash


Dear grey nail polish, I am so sorry I said you were ugly before.It was rude and insensitive of me and I was wrong.You are beautiful.Especially when you're a deep grey creme that has a touch of blue to it.Please accept my apology.

xoxo Ginger =)

2 coats no flash

From the Prisms collection.I only purchased 3 shades because I wasn't as in love with the rest of the colours in spite of the beautiful holo glitter. One of the shades I really liked was Jewel, a light taupe brown with holo glitter. To me it was the one of the few that wasn't conventional. (I also bought Prize and Gem) Sparkly and gorgeous.

3 coats indoors no flash

I love Nubar.They're one of my favourite mid-range brands.I have never had problems with the formula,the brushes are rarely ever wonky, and the colour selection is commendable.The only hitch is they don't deliver to my address.Other than that they're great :0)

What do you ladies think of Nubar? Are they awesome or just 'meh'?

Have a great evening ladies!

Ginger-who is finally getting back to regular posting again.I missed you guys!


  1. You picked up so beauties they are just lovely on you. I love me some nubar. I just got an order in the mail the other day :)

  2. I never tried Nubar before this summer but I'm impressed with the formula, love the bottle and the brush! The shades I got I did love, but I knew I would love them. I definitely need some more!
    *hugs* By the way, missed you bunches!

  3. I love Nubar! I have a small collection. Glad your back again!! Missed you much. I bought the Prism Collection last month. It's fantastic. There's a sale till Nov 30th. It's 30% off $30 which is easy for me to surpass. The code is NOV3030. Happy polish buying everyone.


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