Friday, November 19, 2010

Random Holo Pics

Hello All!

I didn't know quite what to call this post. At three photos it isn't quite long enough to be considered spam,but it's not and NOTD post either. I should probably stop over-thinking this and just get to the nails =)

China Glaze 2NITE

A pretty cornflower blue holo.

2 coats

Nfu-Oh 63
A ridiculously vivid light blue holo

3 coats

China Glaze TMI

A coral holo that is way more reddish pink than this picture makes it look!

2 coats

So how is everyone? I'm sorry for my sporadic posting habits. My job has been insanely busy and I am always catching up on rest I missed because I was too wired to sleep the night before. I hate to say this so soon,but I will be ecstatic when Christmas is over.

How about you?

Happy Friday! (thank God)

Ginger-who is trying to figure out exactly what to buy my brother for Christmas. He doesn't like anything.


  1. *flails* Holoooooo.

    And I hope you find something nice for your brother. I go through the same thing every single year with my dad...he doesn't like anything, and it's so hard to find something for him. Ugh.

  2. Awesome! Funny those nfu ohs always "HOLO" more than anything else I've ever seen...hands down (pun intended). ;)

  3. I have all the China Glaze holos! Love them so much. Wish they would come out with more. I don't envy anyone working in any kind of store during Christmas season. There isn't any reason in the world to be rude and nasty. Doesn't make anyone go any faster.


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