Friday, November 26, 2010

NOTD:NYXGirls Collection Noir

I'm still making my way through my untrieds stash. If I don't stop buying nail polish soon, it'll take me years to go through it all. Years. Collection Noir is a colour I purchased shortly after my no-buy ended last April and this is the first time I've worn it.

Based on the initial swatch I thought it would be more green. Instead, it's a black jelly base with multi-coloured micro-glitter, but not the dense,square pieces we're used to. The glitter in Collection Noir is smaller and smoother, kind of like the glitter particles that Zoya used in their recent glitter collections.
It makes for much easier removal :)

I've been in the mood to wear "winter" nail polish more often because it's been so darn cold here! Normally I wear whatever I want, whenever I want, but there's something about having to wear 3 layers of clothing-just to stay warm that makes me want to break out the dark shades. Collection Noir is a great colour for this.

It's not the most unique shade on earth, (It's pretty difficult to make basic black unique unless you've found a way to add rainbows), but it's a beautiful colour nonetheless. (It's also different enough from its 'sisters' Sally Hansen Midnight in New York and $OPI Never Enough Shoes to justify owning all three.)  It's not for everyone, but I love it :) Besides, it only costs $3! That's pretty sweet.

2 coats indoors with flash

indoors no flash under lamp

So do you all like shades like this? What are your go-to winter polishes?  Let me know in the comments!

Have a great day!
Ginger-who is thrilled to be at home today!


  1. pretty! i love when polish surprises you. i am feeling you on the wintry colors

  2. This is a beauty. I was wearing dark polishes a lot in the summer. I find I wear dark colors most of the time or go for a neutral.


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