Thursday, November 4, 2010

List of the Week:Shuffle

Hello All!

This is what I got when I set my mp3 player to shuffle.Enjoy the randomness :)

1.Difficult-Uffie-Love  her because she was doing the whole,"I'm a bad-ass party chick"thing waaay before Ke$ha and she does it much better :)

2.Blue Skies-Jamiroquai-Welcome back,man!

3.What Took You So Long-Emma Bunton-Shut up.I still love the Spice Girls.

4.Bridge To Nowhere-Sam Roberts-Great video,great song.(He's also easy on the eyes)

5.Try-Shawn Hewitt-Just a really good song.

6.I Want Those Flashing Lights-Colin Munroe-Kanye himself gave his golden seal of approval of this song.I can see why;it's awesome.

7.Laughing With-Regina Spektor-A song about God that everyone can appreciate.

8.Change (In The House of Flies)-Deftones-I love this song.That is all.

9.This Could Be Anywhere in the World-Alexisonfire-this one too =)

10.Tightrope-Janelle Monae-Brilliant.Just.Brilliant

I usually don't hit shuffle because my musical library is so eclectic that doing so would present an extreme change in both the mood and the tempo of my music.(ie. Amazing Grace playing right after In Da Club) I stick to my assigned playlists.It's much simpler that way.

Have a great evening!
Ginger-who will have more nails for you sometime tomorrow afternoon :)

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  1. Oh alexisonfire! And I like Uffie way more than Ke$ha as well :)


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