Thursday, November 25, 2010

List Of The Week:Most Played

Hello All! I hope you're enjoying your day. Today's playlist is comprised of my most played songs of the week. Sometimes I swear my Mp3 player has a mind of its own because it seems to love some artists and *hate* others. (For example, I have exactly one Hillary Duff song and I never hear it.Ever.) Apparently, it loves Cee-Lo Green.

1.Don't Let Your Feet Touch Ground-Ash Koley-Such a bright, airy song! and the video is whimsical and cute.

2.What Part Of Forever-Cee Lo Green-I think Cee-Lo Green is one of the most talented and interesting artists out there.This song is one of my favourites by him.

3.Tightrope-Janelle Monae-...and while we're on the subject of talented and interesting artists, here's another one. Love this song.

4.Young Folks-Peter Bjorn and John-Normally whistling drives me nuts, but this song is one noteable exception. It just isn't th same without it.

5.This is Hardcore-Pulp-The song is great and I love everything about this video. It has a film noir look to it and definitely wouldn't be out of place in a 40s retrospective.

6.Running-No Doubt-This song just makes me happy.

7.Keep It Goin' Louder-Major Lazer featuring Nina Sky and Ricky Blaze-The first time I ever saw this video was last Christmas at approximately 1 am in the morning. I thought I was having a weird dream. Then I realized that I wasn't dreaming and I was, in fact, seeing what I was seeing. This video is crazy!

8.Bright Lights,Bigger City-Cee Lo Green-If this song was a person I would marry it.That's how much I love it! The bass line is epic. (Mostly because it's from Billie Jean :P)

9.Ready To Go-Republica-***Warning*** This video may cause seizures. But the song itself is a jolt of energy.

10.Because I'm Awesome-The Dollyrots-Need I say more?

11.Bad Reputation-Joan Jett-Bonus track from the awesomely bad-ass Joan Jett.Timeless and brilliant.

So what are your most played songs?

Have a great evening!

Ginger-who received a nice package from Apothica today =)


  1. with the exception of #10, i love all the song on this list. i've never heard of bright lights, bigger city until now, and you got me addicted to it now!

  2. Isn't it awesome? I'm glad I could share:) It's been on replay since I got it.


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