Thursday, November 11, 2010

List Of The Week: Remembrance Day Songs

My grandfather was a soldier.He answered the call of duty as a young man,went overseas to fight in Holland and came back almost a year later.He hated being called a hero.He saw his time in the service as something he was supposed to do, "It's silly for people to fuss over me",he'd say,

"I was just doing my job".

How many of us can say our job changed the world?

 Because of his job,Holland was liberated,millions of people were spared from certain death, and many of us have the freedom to live however we decide.

I beg to differ,Gramps; what you did was more than just a job.

Running into situations most people would run away from is more than just a job.

Leaving extra food in the garbage so people would have something to eat,(even though you weren't technically supposed to feed them), is more than just a job.

 Standing up for freedom and injustice with adversaries on every side is more than just a job.

It's a calling.

It's a still small voice inside your head saying, "I will stand up for what's right even if it costs me my life."

Whatever side of the war argument you're on,our veterans have earned the utmost respect and honour.Had it not been for their service,most of us wouldn't be here.

I will never forget.

1.A Pittance of Time-Terry Kelly

2.Highway of Heroes-The Trews

3.Standing Strong and True For Tomorrow-Standing Strong and True Artists

4.We Shall Be Free-Garth Brooks

5.Red Heart-Hey Rosetta

6.Recruiting Sergeant-Great Big Sea

7.Buffalo Soldier-Bob Marley

8.Pride (In The Name Of Love)-U2

9.Bagpipes Cryin'-Rushlow Harris

10.Soldier's Cry-Roland Majeau

Have a wonderful Remembrance/Veteran's Day =)

Ginger-who wishes my grandfather was still alive so I could hug him.

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  1. Here,here! Agreed! I have family members too that felt/feel the same way. They were just doing their job. But all service men and women need to be recognized all the same.


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