Saturday, November 27, 2010

Green Spam For A Special Occasion

Happy Saturday!
I have a lot of gorgeous green spam to share with you all!
Today's post is dedicated to my wonderful nephew Moody.Not only is green his favourite colour, it is also the colour of the shiny new Tae Kwon Do belt he'll be wearing. He's just four (and a half) belts away from black, and I am immensely proud of him.

Congrats Moody!!!!

 Now I know who my bodyguard will be =)

BB Couture For Men Universal Joint

Orly Meet Me Under The Mistletoe

China Glaze Zombie Zest

OPI Cuckoo For This Color

BB Couture For Men Clyde

Zoya Shawn


Zoya Edyta

Orly Enchanted Forest

BB Couture Caterpillar

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Going Green

In other news, after going through and counting my massive list of untrieds, I have made the decision to go on an indefinite no-buy. I say indefinite because it could last anywhere from two weeks to two months (or maybe more) . I've definitely gone overboard with purchases in the last year and I think a no-buy is just what I need to take the time and appreciate what I already have instead of purchasing more. I still have 200+ colours that I've never opened!

 That's kind of insane.

 I've found myself buying nail polish-not because I like the colour-but because 'I want the entire collection', or, 'I haven't seen this on anyone yet.' Don't get me wrong, I still love nail polish, and I'll still purchase the occasional drugstore brand, but my biggest indulgences have always been massive etailer hauls, which is fine if I only do it once in a while, but a few times a month is far too rich for my blood. I'll just live vicariously through all of you and avoid all my usual stores.

Should be interesting,seeing as how I have my CC number memorized :P

Have a great evening ladies!

Ginger-who is also reducing the amount of books I'm going to buy. 2011 is going to be the year of frugality.


  1. ahh that is quite a range of beautiful greens

  2. Green is definitely one of the very best color families as far as nail polish is concerned. So much variation!!

    And good luck on the no-buy!! I always tell myself to do a no-buy, but I lack the self-control to just not buy stuff.
    I'm okay not ordering stuff from e-tailers, because shipping is enough to deter me. But blog sales and drugstore sales...omg man, forget about it. I'm hopeless. -__-

  3. Fabulous greens!! OMG - I too have my CC no memorized due to the numerous online polish purchases. This has been the year of crazy spending on my collection, and I'm really trying to stop the buying as well.

  4. i really love caterpillar and clyde for men. funny how i don't own either of them.

    i also find myself wanting to complete my collection and own every polish in that particular collection, even if i'm unsure about a color. i don't know, it just seems odd to me to leave a color out.

    but luckily i've been able to cut down on buying polishes, and now just get the ones that i really love.

  5. wow!! I love these greens and girl you are rocking them. They are gorgeous on you!

    I truly know what you mean about spending. 2011 I have to slow down :)

  6. The only one I don't have is Meet Me Under the Mistletoe. Just haven't ordered it yet. My favorite color of spam, green. Congratulations to Moody. He'll soon be tying of those other belts. I think that 3/4's of my collection is untried. I just got a big haul from Nubar. Yesterday my girlfriend bought me the whole new Revlon collectin. There were 28 polishes in all. Thank God Walgreens had buy one get one half price. She's dangerous with my Visa Debit card. I don't own a regular credit card. I'm way too dangerous with them. Good luck with your no buy/


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