Friday, November 5, 2010

BB Couture Infamous Lovers Collection:Part IV

 Hello All!
Today I finally have Part 4 of BB Couture's Infamous Lovers collection!

Here are the cool ladies:

Blue-green duochrome
(Egyptian Pharaoh,wit,lover of Anthony)
My undisputed favourite of this set! Cleopatra is one of those shades that just glows! I tried my darndest to capture the both sides of this colour and I only half-succeeded. You can kind of see the green and blue together,but it isn't as defined as it is in person.This colour is nothing short of spectacular.I adore it!

2 coats

kelly green jelly with iridescent green and gold glitter
("Gun-toting cigar moll",Clyde's girl)

Bonnie is lovely.The base is a creme/jelly consistency with loads of iridescent green and gold glitter.Like most glitters it dries gritty,but it's definitely fixable.BB Couture has so many awesome greens I'm beginning to lose count.Bonnie is one of them

3 coats

royal purple with pink and blue shimmer
(BB Couture employee,head over heels in love with Michael)

To be honest I wasn't expecting to be as nuts about this colour as I am.Sure,I love purple,but I didn't think Carla would be interesting.Man,was I wrong! First of all,Carla is a glowy purple,meaning it looks darker on the sides than it does down the middle,I love that! It also has pink shimmer.I was a little disappointed that the shimmer showed better in the bottle,but I'm not complaining,Carla is gorgeous!

2 coats

Well,BB Couture has done it again.The Infamous Lovers collection is fantastic.The colours in each set are interesting and unique for fall,and they compliment each other perfectly.Formula on all of them was terrific,though the glitters take longer to reach opacity than the shimmers and cremes do.My favourites from the ladies set are Eve,Cleopatra,Bonnie, and Pocahontas,with an honorable mention for Juliet and Carla.

Both sets of the Infamous Lovers collection are available for purchase at and they retail for $52.00 per set,or $9 each.

Now,go and buy!

Have an awesome day!

Ginger-who is now the proud owner of Deborah  Lippmann's Bad Romance and Across The Universe! Squeee!


  1. Wow, Cleopatra is beautiful, and it looks awesome on you! =)

  2. these were my favs! I need to wear cleopatra and bonni as full manis soon, thanks for reminding me!

  3. This is a beautiful collection. I've worn Bonnie and I love it. You know greens are my favorite. The purple is also gorgeous.


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