Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Random Playlist:Songs That Make Me Happy

Hello Beauties!

Have you ever had one of those days that,despite your best efforts,ends up annoying the crap out of you? Well, for me that was yesterday.Work was annoying,my coworkers were annoying,and TV was annoying.The best part of my day was when I went to sleep.Fortunately I'm in much better spirits today,but I thought I'd compile a random list of songs that make me happy.

In no particular order:

1.Oh Sookie-Snoop Dogg-Makes me laugh ("Sam ain't a man,he done turned into a bitch" ROTFLMAO!)

2.No Excuses-Alice In Chains It makes me happy because I love it so.

3.No One Knows-Queens of The Stone Age-Never piss off a deer.Why? Watch the video and you'll see.Bonus points for having Dave Grohl play the drums.

4.No Rain-Blind Melon-Great song,great video.

5.As-Stevie Wonder-One of my favourite songs ever.Ever.

7.Clap Your Hands-Sia-I've already included this on a playlist,but I just love it that much.Makes me want to get up and dance.

8.Get Happy-Judy Garland-Judy Garland is brilliant.The End.


10.It's Oh So Quiet-Bjork-Exuberant,cheerful and awesome.

So yeah,those are just some of the songs/videos that make me happy.I'll have my "official" playlist of the week tomorrow,as well as some nails.(Hooray for nails!) I hope you're all having a great week.

Ginger-who is wearing purple today =)

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  1. It's Oh So quiet - OHH YEAH! It cheers me up any other time. It's so bright and powerful. And I love Bjork in this emploi!


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