Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Random Playlist:Pretty Songs

Hello All! I don't have any nails today,(or spiders for that matter), but I do have a random list of pretty songs
I know what you're all thinking,"What would be considered a pretty song?".Well for starters,the song must be about love.It doesn't matter if  it's romantic love,unrequited love,heartbreak,or friendship,a pretty song has to have a person being all emo about how they feel about someone else.

It also helps if the song contains the following instruments: piano,violin,harp,cello,and acoustic guitar.Bonus points if it contains all of them.Another thing a pretty song must have are positive lyrics.Even if the relationship ended badly,we as the listener must get the sense that the singer lived happily ever after in spite of their broken heart.If the singer is in love we must feel that it is the best thing that has ever happened to him or her,and if the song is more introspective,it must be about wanting to improve in order to be worthy of your object of desire.

Enough babbling,here's my list of pretty songs.

I pray none of you go into a diabetic coma because of the sugary-sweetness!

1.Dancing-Elisa This song has it all.Emo lyrics,piano,guitar,and most importantly,an earnest vocalist.

2.When You Say My Name-Mario Spinetti This song just makes me want to hug someone.Or do an interpretive dance.I can't decide which.

3.The Face-RyanDan I almost didn't include this one because of the insanely sweet lyrics.But what would a pretty song be without the lyrics?

4.Black Roses Red-Alana Grace A pretty song sung by a lovely girl.This song is a little different in the sense that it's more of an introspective love song.But,it still qualifies as pretty,so I'm adding it anyway.

5.Nowhere Warm-Kate Havnevik I had no idea who this artist was until I received a free CD with this song on it.Just lovely.

6.Words-Anthony David and India.Arie This is one of the most-played songs on my mp3 player for a reason.Just beautiful.

7.Lately-Tyrese What happened to music like this? I long for the days when the songs were about love instead of sex,(not that there's anything wrong with that-just not all the freaking time!) Anyway,If a man ever sang this song to me I think I'd melt.Ok,maybe just this man, but y'all know what I mean ;)

8.Better Man-James Morrison-Love this song.Love love love love!

9.My Immortal-Evanescence From one of the best-known pretty song-singers of this decade.

10.Wonderful-Erik Rico Don't laugh,but the only full version of this song I could find was in a Real World tribute video.If you're an MTV kid like I am you might enjoy this,as, subsequent seasons of the Real World failed to capture the magic of the seasons featured here.Well,that,and everyone just got trashier and more fame-whorey as the years went on.Ugh. Oh, and the song is pretty  so you should listen to it =)

So what do you think of this list? Are there ones you would add? Let me know in the comments!

Have wonderful day!
Ginger-who just realized how bossy "Have a wonderful day" actually sounds.Sorry about that.

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  1. i enjoy love songs too. i didn't know Tyrese had a song called Lately. i wonder if its the same remake that KC & Jo-Jo did???


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