Sunday, October 17, 2010

Playlist Of The Week:TV Show Theme Songs

Hello All!
If you've been reading this blog for any length of time you know that I'm a huge TV fan.Huge.As in, "I-plan- my-social-life-around- my-shows",huge.Today's playlist is devoted to TV show theme songs.They're mostly used to introduce the main cast members to the audience.In the past there have been some really good ones,(the theme for the Addams Family and Gilligan's Island are stand-outs) But the trend for the 21st decade has been to use established songs, rather than ones specifically written for the show.Personally,I think it works. Here are a few of my favourites:

1.California-Phantom Planet (The O.C.) I didn't really care for the OC(my issues begin and end with this scene-absolutely dreadful),but the theme song was perfect for the show.

2.Teardrop-Massive Attack (House) House is a curmudgeonly,sardonically witty,MD with no bedside manner whatsoever.I don't understand the use of this beautiful,melodic song for the intro,but somehow it works.

3.Cosy in the Rocket-Psapp (Grey's Anatomy) This is another show I don't really like much (Meredith is so whiny and self-absorbed that I can't stand to watch her),but the song is whimsical and cute.

4.C'mon C'mon-The Von Bondies (Rescue Me) This is a switch;I love the show and the song.They work very well together.(Also,Denis Leary is snarky and I love snarky people.)

5.We Used To Be Friends-The Dandy Warhols (Veronica Mars) Love this song.It's a shame this show was cancelled because it was one of the best-written shows on TV.The leads were fantastic and diverse, the premise was cool and the show was critically acclaimed. Alas,this still wasn't good enough to keep it on the air.

6.Bad Reputation-Joan Jett (Freaks and Geeks) Not only did this show jump-start the careers of Seth Rogen,Jason Segel,James Franco,Linda Cardellini and John Francis Daley,but it also had one of the best intros on TV.Another underappreciated classic.

7.I Wonder Why the Wonderfalls-Andy Partridge (Wonderfalls) I love this quirky little tune.A little known comedy/drama that FOX promptly cancelled.The show that aired in its place? The Swan. FOX sucks.

8.What You Don't Know-Jonatha Brooke (Dollhouse) The words are what makes this song so relevant to the show.This was also cancelled by FOX.Surprise.

9.I Don't Want To Wait-Paula Cole (Dawson's Creek) Dawson's Creek.Ugh. I liked the theme song though,even though it is a bit twee.

10.Miles Apart-Yellowcard (MTV's Real World Road Rules Challenge:The Inferno) Remember these guys? I am a total dork when it comes to these shows.I've finally come to grips with the fact that I'm too old to watch The Real World,but The Challenge shows are still fair game because there are still a few people on it that I recognize from the old days.

11.I'm In Miami Trick-LMFAO (Khloe and Kourtney Take Miami)The edited version of this song. Why is this even a show? I don't watch it,but I did see a clip of someones d-bag boyfriend getting drunk and screaming at people in an upscale restaurant. Classy.Just like the theme song.

12.Woke Up This Morning-Alabama 3 (The Sopranos) A song for the manic-depressive miscreant in everyone.I loved this show (and Carmela's perfectly painted nails) until the bitter (and stupid) ending.

13.Save Me-Remy Zero (Smallville) I love this show and the theme song is a stellar compliment to it.

14.Superhero-Jane's Addiction (Entourage) Again,perfect.My favourite character by far is Ari.

15.Solid-The Dandy Warhols (Undeclared) Another Dandy Warhols song,another awesome but cancelled show.It it wasn't for 'Glee' I'd give up on FOX forever.

Some great songs I didn't include? The theme for One Tree Hill ('I Don't Wanna Be' by Gavin DeGraw),'Here With Me' by Dido (the theme from 'Roswell' remember that show?),and the awesome theme from Battlestar Galactica (written specifically for the show,but too awesome not to include)

Do you have any favourites? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Sunday!

Ginger-who has started Christmas shopping already.what happened last year will not happen this year!


  1. I love your posts. :-) I am hollerin' at #9 and love the one from House.

  2. I really enjoyed Dollhouse. If you haven't watched other Joss Whedon shows, you really should. <3

  3. The only one I know for sure is the theme from the Sopranos. The other shows I never watched.


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