Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Playlist of The Week:Songs I'm Not Embarrassed To Love

Hello All!
I wanted to post a few playlists this week,so this is the first.The next one will be posted on Thursday as per usual :)

 I'm going to be candid for a minute; as much as I paint myself as a quirky outsider with odd tastes in everything,my taste in music is decidedly commercial.(not to mention contrived) I actually enjoy a good pop song,or a good rap song,or a good techno/trance/house/jungle song.I have love for every genre of music.That said,I will staunchly defend every song on this list.Even the ones that are tacky,or dated,or saccharine,or have no discernible meaning, or substance.Why? Because I love them.Period.

So There.

1.Careless Whisper-Wham
 Remember that episode of Seinfeld when Elaine dated the guy who shushed her every time 'Desperado' came on? Well,that's me with this song.
No matter where I am or what I'm doing,the second I hear the opening notes of this song,everyone has to shut up. Everyone. (What? I enjoy a good sax solo.)

2.Save A Prayer-Duran Duran I don't care what anyone says.Duran Duran is a good band and John Taylor is still gorgeous.

3.Word Up-Cameo Weird jock-strap/tights outfit aside,this song was huge in the 80s! Bonus points for inventing a catchphrase.Word up.

4.Poison-Bell Biv DeVoe Never trust a big butt and a smile.Words to live by.

5.New Jack Swing-Wreckx'N'Effect Has been played at every wedding I've ever been to since 1989 because of its namesake dance.A word of advice: don't stand beside the girl/guy with no rhythm.They mess it up for everyone!

6.Barbie Girl-Aqua I didn't know what to make of this song at first.I thought it was a tribute to Barbie,but upon further examination,I've since accepted it as a fun satire. Come on,Barbie let's go party!

7.It Only Takes A Minute-Take That I spent nearly a year obsessed with Brit-pop,and this band was one of my favourites. Shut up.

8.Ghost Of You And Me-BBMak A boy band that writes their own music and plays instruments?Shocking.What's even more shocking? They're good singers.(Not to mention good-looking,especially the dark-haired ones *swoons*)

9.Boogie Woogie No.5-Puffy Ami Yumi I don't have a clue what they're saying,but it's cheery and it makes me smile.

10.Lucky-Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat Just a happy,cute,feel-good pop song.These two are as adorable as couch full of kittens.

11.Mahna Mahna-The Muppet Show I dare you not to laugh.

12.Each Time-East 17 I told you I was obsessed.Second favourite.With slightly more "street cred" than Take That because of their shaved heads and baseball caps-not to mention the one dude that said something to the effect of, "drugs aren't bad" in an interview.(It's a good thing you're pretty,cCupcake because you clearly ain't that smart :P)

So what do you think?Should I be embarrassed to love any of these songs? Do you have any favourites that you'll love no matter what people will think of you? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Tuesday!
Ginger-who loves Canadian Thanksgiving because it has nothing to do with pilgrims ;)


  1. anything by tone loc hell anything from the late 80's early 90's rap. 2 legit to quit baybay

  2. Love Duran Duran! I think there's always some corny songs we love. There's always been music in my life. My Mother always had a radio or records on. My Aunt was a teenager and lived with us for awhile. This was the 1950's so I have every eras music in my mind.I really don't listen to rap and my old mind doesn't remember the groups or songs name anymore. I always have music on. I listen to a rock station or a college station which plays all types of music.


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