Friday, October 8, 2010

Playlist Of The Week:Canadian Eh?

This playlist is devoted to my unabashed patriotism.I love my country.What's more,I love our music.Canada has contributed greatly to the musical landscape with artists like Rush,The Band,Paul Anka,Neil Young,Joni Mitchell,um...Loverboy,Celine Dion and our latest imports,Justin Bieber and Drake (so sorry about that : / Really.) Here's a random list of Canadians you might know.

1.My Humps-Alanis Morissette I remember how surprised I was when Alanis reintroduced herself as a rock star.As a teen she was pure pop,but she deftly made the transition from teen queen to alt-rock heroine and gained international sucess in the process.

2.Safety Dance-Men Without Hats They're so nutty they have to be Canadian! Ok...maybe it's just the video.(though I've been trying to figure out what a safety dance is since the 80s)

3.Gimme Sympathy-Metric Surprise! They're Canadian!

4.Waving Flag-K'naan Canadian by way of Somalia,one of the few substance rappers that gets radio play.

5.Say It Right-Nelly Furtado Yep,she's Canadian too.

6.Pretty Vegas-INXS INXS is not Canadian by any stretch of the imagination,(Australia FTW!)but their new lead singer is.Actually,his hometown isn't very far from mine. (New Glasgow,NS it ain't pretty :P)

7.After Tonight-Justin Nozuka One of my favourite singer-songwriters of this generation.

8. Comin' Home-City and Colour I love this song because it name-checks both my home province and Lincoln, Nebraska (though if you're from Lincoln you'll see his comments as anything but complimentary)

9.Rebellion (Lies)-Arcade Fire The lead singer is from Texas,but everyone else is from Montreal.They're great and people like them a lot.

10.4-3-2-1 k-os- I'm proud one of the best rappers I've seen is a dude from Toronto ON.

11.1-2-3-4 Feist-And just because, a bonus track from another well-known Canadian singer. Leslie Feist is just lovely.

You may have noticed that I didn't include some of our most famous artists, Celine,Justin,Drake or Bryan Adams.I only did it to highlight people who aren't super-famous and ubiquitous (Justin Bieber nail polish? Really? Include me out. ) I hope you enjoyed it :)

Happy Friday!
Ginger-who promises to have some nail stuff for you soon :)


  1. I love "Comin' Home" by City and Color, but 60's and 70's rock is mostly what I listen to, so I love that you mentioned The Band, Neil Young and Joni Mitchell. :)

  2. lol what's wrong with justin beber.. he's.... a good singer...? lol young girls always need a teen sensation.. i was into justin timberlake back in the n'sync days.. lol

  3. Love Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, The Band and Rush. Men Without Hats-I loved the Safety Dance. My friends and I used to dance around doing the dance. Canadians, eh?


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